1 shot,1 shape.

Multidot laser head
  • VulQ1
  • VulQ1
  • VulQ1


1 laser shot = 1 unique shape

Multidot laser head

Spatial and dynamic laser beam shaping

VULQ1is an innovative and patentedmultidot laser headcompatible with existing IR and visible pulsed laser sources (nano-, pico- and femto-seconds).


Demo Unit (Laser Expo Piacenza 2015)

A new laser beam control

  • Instantaneous multidot marking (1D, 2D)
  • Parallel processing
  • Energy control per point
  • Working distance flexible
  • High resolution
  • Spatial and dynamic spot laser control


  • Marking on the fly
  • High-speed marking
  • Parallel processing
  • High resolution
  • Traceability
  • Anti-counterfeit


VULQ1 allows in particular a high-speed marking and decoding of identifying and / or authenticating information in different scale sizes (from a few hundred of µm² up to several mm²); on surface or in the mass of many materials (metals, polymers, ceramics, etc).

VULQ1 allows multi- and simultaneous dots marking inside transparent materials (glass, polymer, etc) whose position and distribution can be controlled spatially and dynamically.

Examples of Nanosecond pulsed laser application
Examples of Femtosecond pulsed laser application
In partnership with Amplitude Systèmes


Average power> 10 W
Energy in shaped pulses80 µJ
Pulse duration< 500 fs
Repetition rate0 - 40 MHz
Wavelength1030 nm
Bandwidth< 5 nm
Pattern changing time (max)100 ms
F-theta focal length
160 mm80 mm
Single spot diameter
40 µm20 µm
Minimum pitch
20 µm10 µm
5 mm2.4 mm
Dimensions61 x 23 x 17 cm


  • Aluminum
  • Ceramic
  • Gems (ruby, diamond, …)
  • Gold
  • PET
  • Stainless steel


2 cm <---------------------------------------------------------------------------------> 20µm


Optional industrial vision

CharacteristicsTypical valuesUnit
Wavelength range400 – 1100nm
Input beam diameter<8mm
Working distancecustom*-45-80-160mm
Dimensions (without lens)
l: 247H: 160L:156
Supply voltage5V

*on demand

Integration into a "Laser Cheval" Saphir VULQ1 machine for application of microcoding authenticating on 99.99% Gold piece.




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